LEGO IKEA Table DIY project

By egress123 • Kids, Toys • 23 Nov 2012

The tables are from IKEA.  Normal price is $7.99 and you can get it for $5 on Black Friday today.

Including the plate, you can build one for $23 each.  (plus the cost of the double-sided tapes and the spray can of paint).

Check it out.

Templates are now uploaded.   You can download these two templates and make your own table.

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  1. I know this is an old post but, Are the templates for the road available for print or instructions/measurements you could share?

    • egress123

      Yes. I have the template. I’ll find it and post the file soon.

      • I found your design on Pinterest. I’m making this for my kids for Christmas they are going to love it… The template would be awesome thanks.

        • egress123

          Uploaded the template. Let me know if they print out OK.

          • My tables are 21 5/8″ square. I printed out the template pages but the are larger than the table. They printed out 7.861″.

            What size should they be printed?

          • egress123

            Hmm. you should not have to resize it when printing. Do you see the picture of the pages printed on the paper? It should look just like that. I will go home and measure the paper size. I will see if I can save it as PDF as well.

          • They look very similiar to the pictured table but then when I lay them out they are slightly bigger than the table. I tried overlapping them slightly but then when I double check the lines they aren’t lining up straight. I know that is very important for the overall ability to move positions.

  2. I was able to get it printed out just fine But.I couldn’t get it to print directly from the site it was printing too close to the edge of my paper and I’m pretty sure it was “user error”.lol I can’t wait to get started. I’ll post a pic once it’s done.

  3. Just wanted to pop by and tell you I that I figured it out. I wasn’t lining the printables up just right. I had to butt the right side up flush with the corner piece and the left side overlapped the corner. I didn’t get quite as crisp a line with my stencil, no biggie. I am so thankful for all your generosity. Here is the link to my finished table: <a href=";

  4. egress123

    Oh no! I was out of country and did not see your postings till now. It turned out well! I just used water and q-tip to clean up the over spray. It will rub off easily (well, depends on the paint you use I guess).

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