Mazda 5 factory roof rack

By egress123 • Automobile accessories • 28 Aug 2011


Mazda 5 is a great vehicle that can hold 6 adults and still runs 25 miles per gallon. However, after 6 adults in the car, there is no space for any other luggage.

I’ve decided to install roof rack so that I could put a cargo box on top of the car to increase storage space.




The outer box contained two boxes. One with the roof rack components, and the other one with instructions and roof rack spoiler (will explain this later).

It took about 1 hour to install, but the result was very pleasing.


Each base has a key hole to secure the roof rack to the car. I guess this is implemented to prevent thief from detaching the roof rack and steal the whatever it holds.




Both front and back bars have detachable spoiler to reduce the wind noise when driving in high speed. The result was great. My initial test driving with speed of 65mph did not cause significant wind noise. If I did not install the roof rack myself I would not even notice the presence of the roof rack.



The roof rack had enough clearance for the moon roof to slide up. This is something you should consider when installing non OEM roof rack on Mazda 5.



With low noise and great look, it would get 5 papayas.  However, the retail price of $450 makes this a tough choice.  If you shop around, you can get this for easily under $350 which makes it a fair value.  Because of the pricing, Mazda 5 OEM roof rack gest 4.5 Papayas.




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  1. cameradude

    Very good review! I think you are the only person to post what the new Mazda OEM rack looks like.

    Old rack was CC43-V4-701G and new rack (yours) is 0000-8L-09. Glad I found some pics of what the new one looks like.

    Have you put a box on the cross bars? If so, was the moon roof able to open? Can you tell me what the clearance height is between cross bar and roof? Also, would you know the distance between each cross bar. I have a short box I want to use and want to be able to place this on top.

    Thanks so much!

    • admin

      I can check the distance once I get home this weekend. As for the moon roof, I believe it can be fully opened since the bar is tall enough. I do have Yakima space cadet at home. I’ll try to install and test it out.

    • mk

      Am I missing something? I Google’d 0000-8L-09 and checked numerous Mazda dealer pages and every pic that is shown doesn’t match what I see on this page. All of those pics show the cross-bars that end inside the attachment housing. The cross-bars shown on this page stick out past the attachment housings and have the little plastic end-caps, kind of like typical Thule racks. So, I ordered the 0000-8L-09, expecting the former, but instead got the latter, just like the one in these pics. It’s not that bad looking but seriously, what gives? What rack is shown in all those other pics? And can I get one?

      • admin

        I know what you are saying. the end part that sticking out looks ugly. but this suppose to be the new version with improvement.

        • mk

          What’s the improvement in this one? The other does look better. Is the other one the factory-installed rack? I’d like to find out more about it, and maybe get one.

  2. mk

    I have a 2010 Mazda 5. Where have you seen this rack for under $350? Can you send or post the places/links? Thanks.

  3. Mazda5 OEM roof racks just like on this pick.$175.00 + shipping $15.00.
    OEM 06-10 item# 220909030228 Mazda5 Removable Roof Rack.
    Member ID lilbit09012002

    I use my roof rack for the Thule Gear box only when I travel with bikes on rear hitch.
    Sometime I’ll use racks for lumber or Misc items for home projects. Otherwise when traveling and no bikes. I use my rear cargo tray with a etrailer water proof bag with 20cubic ft of space. I have placed 210 lbs back there. No wind noise or resi Wind Residents’ tray and bag purchased from etrailer. i also added air bags to my rear springs made by firestone. Google Mazda5 air shocks. youwill find them. A must have. This balances out your car. Helps with allsuspension responses better and you get better stability and braking. Not allowing the car to lag in the rear. Bad on your suspension. Sorry 4 the typos not very good at typing with my phone. Oh with 210 lbs in the rear i went from mia to maggie valley N.C.. no issues. car was smooth.


  4. Sorry you can get these racks if still in stock from EBAY. Member ID lilbit09012002

  5. Rear bike hitch Thule 4 bikes. Warning no more then two bikes. i have been every where with my four bikes. No issues..

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